blog tour in Pavlodar region

SEZ “Pavlodar” continues to demonstrate its investment potential.

On October 21, as part of a blog tour in Pavlodar region, a delegation of Kazakhstani journalists and bloggers arrived in SEZ.

The list of guests included such famous Kazakhstani journalists and bloggers as Rinat Balgabaev, Zhanna Il’icheva, Zhanna Akhmetova, Yerlan Sakenov, Kirill Pavlov, Gaukhar Utelbaeva, Syrym Itkulov, Polina Shimanskaya, Darkhan Zhagiparov.

During the visit, the guests were presented with the projects of the aluminum cluster, preferences of SEZ, and it was discussed the prospects for the development of SEZ in the foreseeable future.

Earlier, on October 09, representatives of PR SQUARED Worldwide Eurasia Bridge and Institute of Chemistry, Coal and Technology visited Pavlodar region.

During the visit of the Pavlodar region, the guests has visited SEZ “Pavlodar”, where they were represented by the enterprises “Giessenhaus” and “K&K Pavlodar”.

PR SQUARED Worldwide Eurasia Bridge is a Singapore-based consulting company focused on the Eurasia market. The Institute of Coal Chemistry and Technology LLP is a science and technology company that develops and commercializes new processes and materials in the field of processing hydrocarbon raw materials and alternative energy sources.

Representatives of these companies showed high interest in the prospects of SEZ and discussed potential investment opportunities in Pavlodar.