Japanese investors are interested in SEZ “Pavlodar”

A meeting was held on the territory of the Pavlodar Free Economic Zone with the head of the network of medical institutions in Tokyo, planning to implement a number of new projects using Japanese technology.

The investor suggested organizing the production of needleless syringes for medical institutions, as well as medical equipment and technology at the SEZ.

Needleless syringes are used as an alternative to needle hypodermic syringes for injecting drugs, vaccines, pain relievers for local anesthesia and other fluids into the tissue.

The technical device of the product involves the introduction of drugs in the form of a jet with high speed, first to puncture the epidermis and then enter the drug into the tissue. The main difference is the lack of the needle itself and the use of plastic to a greater extent, which creates the prerequisites for reducing the cost of goods several times.

“Painless injections, low price for the final product and simple technology, it is quite possible to work on this in Kazakhstan,” the project initiator said.

In addition, according to the investor, at present Japan has an incredibly high demand and need for a raw material base for the production of pesticides and herbicides, which is prohibited for import into the territory of the “Land of the Rising Sun”.

– If earlier the chemical base for herbal remedies was completely imported by Japan from China, due to the lack of its own resources in the country, now supplies have stopped completely in view of the political decisions of the Chinese government. Now this niche is unoccupied, it is necessary to carry out calculations taking into account the special conditions of the Pavlodar SEZ, ”concluded the investor.