Pavlodar Investment Day In Moscow

On October 9, 2019, Moscow hosted the unique Pavlodar Investment Day In Moscow Business Forum, within the framework of which special conditions were offered for Russian business to expand sales markets and reduce the cost of existing industries in the fields of chemistry, petrochemicals, metallurgy, as well as machine building.

At a meeting in the Congress Center of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russia, Akim of Pavlodar Region Bulat Bakauov promised potential Russian investors all kinds of support, including tax incentives, an office and social services for workers.

Opening the forum, the akim of Pavlodar region noted that the share of the Russian Federation in the region’s foreign trade is more than 40%. In 2018 trade between Pavlodar and the regions of Russia amounted to about $ 1.8 billion, which is 25% higher than in 2017. To increase this indicator, Bulat Bakauov called on Russian executives to invest in the Pavlodar region.

“Our region is located on the main transport arteries – the South Siberian and Central Siberian railways, republican roads, air traffic, river modes of transport, as well as pipelines and fiber optic data lines,” he said. – Pavlodar region is distinguished by a unique location within a radius of 500 kilometers from major cities of Kazakhstan and Russia.

The region has rich reserves of water and minerals. 65.2% of Kazakhstani ferroalloys, 46.3% of gasoline and 99.6% of alumina and untreated aluminum are produced in the region. 60% of the coal mined is in our region. Akim expressed readiness to co-finance joint projects with Russian executives. He assured that the region is ready to provide any support to entrepreneurs.

In addition to the unified guaranteed measures of state support, this includes the provision of an office free of charge for up to two years, employment and the identification of the family members of employees employed by the investor in educational institutions. The head of the national company Kazakh Invest Baurzhan Sartbaev also took part in the forum. He suggested that Russian businesspersons localize in Kazakhstan the production of goods that are now imported into Russia.

“Our company has compiled a list of priority countries and cooperation with the Russian Federation is a priority for us,” said Baurzhan Sartbaev. – Russian investors in Kazakhstan are attracted by political stability, the presence of a legislative framework that regulates entrepreneurial activity, tax preferences and developed infrastructure. Today, work is underway on $ 4.8 billion projects with Russian investors.

Following the forum, a number of bilateral agreements were signed. In addition, the akim of Pavlodar region held a series of meetings with Russian executives.