There are only 18 million people living in the world, so the task is associated with non-primary economy and export of finished products.

Each region of the country tends to use its advantages. Pavlodar region is not the largest in Kazakhstan, but it is a developed industrial region. It accounts for 7.8% of the total industrial production in the country, 58.8% of the coal produced, about 45% of the electricity produced, 65% of the production of ferroalloys, 42% of the production of gasoline and almost 100% of the republican production of alumina and aluminum.

“The region is compact, three cities and villages. The population is more than 750 thousand people live in 126 thousand square kilometers, 71% of the population lives in cities, the region is quite urbanized. Districts with their converters are allocated. Three million hectares of land for investment,” Akim Bulat Bakauov area.

In early July, a group of international journalists from Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, China, Russia and Turkey arrived in the region to see how enterprises work and what is happening in agriculture. This tour does not last long, but gives an idea of ​​how the region lives and how it works with potential investors.

In Kazakhstan, several special economic zones, or free economic zones, have been created, for all participants of which special conditions have been created – exemption from property tax. In addition, the VAT payer sells goods in the special economic zone at a zero rate.

The SEZ “Pavlodar” was established on November 29, 2011 to develop the existing petrochemical industry and metallurgy. In 2018, this economic zone was named one of the most efficient. To date, 1 budget tenge of the SEZ has attracted more than 12 tenge of investment.

The territory of the SEZ is 1,200 hectares; currently, a project of 400 hectares has been developed, and 800 are in reserve for new residents. Zones of the Organization in the countries of Central Asia. This is a great confidence, and our work is progressing on the world stage, “says Aibek Tursyngaliyev, chairman of the board of the Pavlodar SEZ.

Industrial enterprises get everything they need to ensure a high level of finished products.

For example, a cluster of the aluminum industry has been created in the region – from the production of alumina to the production of pure aluminum.

The German-Russian company Giessenhaus, which produces about 36 thousand tons of alloyed aluminum per year. The company is engaged in the production of discs for foreign cars – the company “Vector Pavlodar”, producing discs for foreign cars.

By the way, the company is modern, with new equipment. The introduction of clean, low noise workshops.

In the petrochemical cluster, the pride of the SEZ can rightly be considered that the UPNK-PV plant is a plant for calcining petroleum coke, which is an essential component of aluminum production, and our own production allows us to use dependence on users.

Crude petroleum coke is supplied to UPNK both from the local Pavlodar petrochemical (PNHZ) and from other refineries.

LLC Neftekhim produces polypropylene from propylene. This gas is a by-product at a petrochemical plant. Polypropylene is necessary for the production of various types of plastics, fabrics.

On the basis of it, plastics are used, which are used to produce household, medical, construction products and technical fabrics. The plant is capable of producing pure polypropylene, one of the most sought-after products on the world market. In fact, we have everything you need to get a customer.

The company also produces methyl tert-butyl ether (MTBE).

Due to the extensive and constantly growing industrial zone of residents of Pavlodar region, the issue of ecology is worrying. However, if they look at a new venture, they produce modern filters.

The ultimate goal of the development of industry and entrepreneurship is to increase the standard of living of people