On November 13, 2019, the territory of the SEZ «Pavlodar» was visited by representatives of the AL5 HOLDING company on a return visit.

The first meeting of SEZ «Pavlodar» with AL5 HOLDING representatives took place in September this year as part of the international business forum «Pavlodar Investment Day In Moscow», which was held in Moscow with the participation of the head of the Pavlodar region B. Bakauov.

Since 2002, AL5 HOLDING has been a leader in the Russian market and has been producing extrusion profiles from ingots of aluminum alloys of the Al-Mg-Si system and produce more than 15,000 types of aluminum profiles. The Holding has four plants at its disposal.

During the negotiations, the possibilities of implementing new production on the territory of the SEZ «Pavlodar» using the preferential conditions provided to the participants of the FEZ, as well as the readiness of the engineering infrastructure, were discussed.

As a result of the negotiations, given the special preferential conditions, investors are considering the possibility of organizing production on the territory of the Free Zone.