SEZ “Pavlodar” was visited by investors from Nepal

SEZ “Pavlodar” was visited by investors from Nepal with a project for the production of ferrosilicon in the Pavlodar region.

Representatives of the Indian company BRIJ CEMENT arrived in Pavlodar to assess the region’s capabilities for the construction of a new enterprise. According to the co-founder of the company Kumar Saurab, they were interested in the cost of electricity, because for the implementation of the project only at the initial stage, about 25-30 MW of electricity will be needed.

“We mainly manufacture clay cement, and we also produce tiles and glass,” he said. – We have 11 thousand employees, the annual turnover of the company is 1.1 billion US dollars. When we decided to open production in Kazakhstan, they advised us to Pavlodar region, where low-cost electricity. Now we plan to organize the production of ferrosilicon.

The company BRIJ CEMENT began its journey in 2008 under the name UMA CEMENT INDUSTRIES and in the early years had a production capacity of 75 tons per day, which over time has increased to 295 tons per day at the moment.

Foreign businessmen already have a ready-made project that needs to be adapted to Kazakhstani realities. As for raw materials, entrepreneurs could buy quartzite – the main raw material in the production of ferrosilicon – in any region of Kazakhstan.

During the negotiations, foreign investors also aroused great interest in petroleum coke processed by a participant of the Pavlodar SEZ – UPNK-PV LLP, which could be used in the planned production.

“The conditions are really very interesting: affordable raw materials, cheap electricity, free land – we certainly have something to think about,” said Kumar Saurab.