Today, in the free economic zone “Pavlodar” 10 productions are successfully operating, in which over the past nine years over 67 billion tenge has been invested.

The next in the SEZ “Pavlodar” implementation of another 15 projects, including the production of aluminum foil. The release of these products will help to establish in the region the “simple things economy” popular in the country, the correspondent of reports.

According to the Chairman of the Board of SEZ Aybek Tursyngaliyev, this year the opening of a new enterprise in which the Turkish investor has invested about 5.5 billion tenge is expected in the territory of the special economic zone of the region. It is assumed that construction will begin at the end of June this year, and a new plant will be launched at the end of October.

“It is known that Kazakhstan buys aluminum foil from other countries, if I am not mistaken, worth over $ 30 million. According to preliminary data, the enterprise in Pavlodar will produce 13 thousand tons of foil annually. For the country, this is a good import substitution and the ability to produce many products from” economy of simple things “: baking foil, cans for beer and lemonade, accessories for workwear,” said Aibek Tursyngaliyev at an exit briefing by the Regional Communication Service.

According to the speaker, the company “KazFol” became a resident of Pavlodar SEZ just a month ago. Now she is engaged in designing the future of the enterprise. The plans of the Turkish investor – to establish production of two production lines. In addition to the foil, the plant will also produce aluminum profiles for windows and doors, which will be exported to Turkey.
Raw materials for this product – doped aluminum – will be taken in the neighborhood from another young, but rather successful participant of the SEZ – Giessenhaus LLP.

According to Ruslan Ibraev, deputy director for production, the company is not afraid of large orders and is ready to provide KazFol with the necessary amount of aluminum alloy.

“Every year we produce about 600 thousand tons of doped aluminum, but if there is demand, we are ready to increase production volumes. There is enough raw material for everyone,” said Ruslan Ibraev.

The company is already supplying winged metal alloys to another SEZ neighbor, Vector-Pavlodar LLP, the daughter of Russian K & K, which manufactures car rims.

As the manufacturing engineer of the company Adilbek Asainov told, the first products of the plant were the akim of Pavlodar region Bulat Bakauov, who installed Pavlodar aluminum wheels on his company car.

“I heard that President Vladimir Putin, President of the country, drives with discs of a company that operates in Russia. My job is to monitor the quantity and quality of products manufactured by our foundry machines under high pressure,” the process engineer said.

He noted that the company produces alloy wheels on the wheels, which are most in demand.

“We can pour discs from 13 to 21 inches, but mostly order 14, 15, 18-inch wheels for AvtoVAZ cars, Ford, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Opel, Mazda, Audi. On our site there are about 120 models that we can pouring on request for specific cars “, – said Adilbek Asainov.

A total of 10 successful projects are currently working in the SEZ “Pavlodar”, another 15 are planning to open in the near future, seven of them – this year.

The products of the special economic zone are supplied to Russia, China, Japan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, South Korea, Iran, Germany and Italy. Plans to export Turkey and the United Arab Emirates.

Since the opening of the SEZ in 2011, 1,460 jobs have been created. As a result, last year the special economic zone “Pavlodar” was recognized as the most effective platform for foreign investors in Kazakhstan. And not so long ago, after the summit, which was held in Northern Macedonia, the FEZ “Pavlodar” received the status of the representative office of the World Organization of the World Free Zones Organization in Central Asia.