World Free Zones Organization has chosen the SEZ “Pavlodar” as an official representative office in Central Asia.

Today, the efficiency of the Pavlodar SEZ was noted during the European Summit of Free Economic Zones, held in the city of Skopje, Republic of Northern Macedonia:
“For the past year, we have been observing the activities of our member from Kazakhstan,” says WorldFZO CEO Samir Hamrouni.

– For us, the representation in Central Asia is one of the largest and most important in view of the coverage of several states at once, and we believe that the strategy presented by the SEZ “Pavlodar” for organizing a regional office is very effective – we will make every effort to the work of the regional office, in the first place, accompanied the dynamic development of the Pavlodar SEZ.

Thus, as a result of the conducted analysis of efficiency and development potential, by decision of the WorldFZO Board of Directors, since May 2019, a new Regional Office of Central Asia, represented by the Special Economic Zone “Pavlodar”, was determined.

– I think this is a worthy choice. The management of the SEZ “Pavlodar” has a clear development strategy and competently implements it. I know Aybek Tursyngaliyev (Chairman of the Board of the Pavlodar FEZ) for several years, and I consider him to be one of the best specialists in the development of free zones in the world. That is why we chose Aibek Tursyngaliyev personally as the national representative – I am sure that with the management of such a level it will be easy for us to carry out bilateral development plans, – said Nika Manukova, Regional Manager for Europe and CIS of WorldFZO.

The World Free Zones Organization is a global non-profit organization representing free zones around the world. The main mission of World FZO is to unite free economic zones and promote their positive impact on the economic and social development of countries.

Obtaining the status of a regional office gives you unlimited access to various tools from World FZO for development, economic prosperity and socio-economic sustainability of free economic zones, as well as for attracting investments and strategic partners around the world.

Currently, the regional offices of the World Free Zones Organization are present in Spain, China, Jordan, Morocco, Argentina, India, Serbia and Nigeria, and since May 2019 – in Central Asia in the face of the special economic zone “Pavlodar”.