The Pavlodar Special Economic Zone is an investment pearl of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The region has a favorable investment climate due to a number of factors that are most important for investors.

A unique location in the heart of Eurasia between the two largest markets in the world - Russia and China, with a reach of more than 40 million people and a market of over 20 billion US dollars.

Rich and affordable resource base: the region occupies one of the leading places in the mineral resource complex of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Aluminum, coal, gold, building materials and other various metals.

Direct access to foreign markets is provided by the international airport, railways, highways of republican significance, as well as a river port on the Irtysh River, which directly links Russia and China.

It is here that the largest investment platform of the Republic - SEZ "Pavlodar" is located.

On the territory of about 1200 (thousand two hundred) hectares, investors are provided with unlimited opportunities for organizing and doing business. Created in 2011 by the decree of the President, SEZ "Pavlodar" already today provides investors with all types of infrastructure necessary for the implementation of their projects.

One of the main advantages for investors is the special legal regime operating on the territory of the Pavlodar FEZ, under which participants at a zero rate are exempt from all major types of taxes and customs duties, and also receive a land plot for the implementation of an investment project for temporary use absolutely free of charge.

The enterprises of the special economic zone produce more than 100 types of products. At the same time, goods produced on its territory are regularly exported to more than 15 countries of the world.

The organization of successful work and interaction of all elements and participants is provided by the Management Company of the Pavlodar Special Economic Zone with its own customs control authority.

The presence of highly qualified personnel guarantees maximum comfort in the implementation of an investment project - investors are provided with a wide range of services in a one-stop shop.

FEZ "Pavlodar" is a full member of the largest World Free Zones Organization "World Free Zones Organization", which significantly expands the horizons of investment potential in the international arena.

All this is a guarantee of stability, on the basis of which FEZ "Pavlodar" is chosen by investors from various countries of the world and continents.

Today we invite new participants and partners to mutually beneficial and fruitful cooperation!

Welcome to the FEZ "Pavlodar" - the investment pearl of Kazakhstan!