SEZ "PAVLODAR" is 10 years old!

The special economic Zone "Pavlodar" is 10 years old!
By the Decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan on November 29, 2011, a Special economic Zone "Pavlodar" was created on the territory of the former Pavlodar Chemical Plant. In accordance with the state program of industrial and innovative development, the chemical and Petrochemical industries were identified as priority activities of the FEZ. According to certain priorities, together with the anchor investor in the field of chemistry, Caustic JSC launched the production of detergents and cleaning products of Belizna PV LLP. Also, the production of disinfectants was started at the production facilities of Caustic with the support of the National Agency for Technology Transfer in 2013. In the same year, the construction of AgroHimProgress and the oil coke calcination plant of UPNK PV LLP began.
By the fifth anniversary of the FEZ in 2016, 7 enterprises were already operating at the FEZ, the production of oils and lubricants was put into operation – Evooil Kazakhstan LLP and aluminum silicate microsphere Metallogamma LLP.
Studying the best practices of SEZ organization in the world, the concept of phased development of the territory and cluster development of production was adopted. What it gave: rational use of budgetary funds invested by the state. To date, the efficiency of investing budget funds has not fallen below 1 to 10, i.e. 10 tenge of private investment has been attracted for 1 tenge of invested budget funds. In addition, taking into account the regional potential, priority activities were supplemented with metallurgy, production of finished metal, plastic and rubber products. This made it possible to attract foreign investment in the processing of aluminum, the production of car wheels, components for lighting devices, the production of sanitary products made of artificial stone.
4 innovative projects of SEZ "Pavlodar" (production of disinfectants, coagulants for water and oil purification, processing of ash and slag waste of CHP) are supported by grants from NATR and the Science Foundation.
The target indicators approved by the Government Decree have been fulfilled by 2021. Today, 30 enterprises are participants of the FEZ "Pavlodar". The investment portfolio of SEZ "Pavlodar" today is 44 projects worth 323.44 billion tenge, of which: 14 operating (69.85 billion tenge).tg); 18 projects under implementation (198 billion tenge) and 12 projects under development (56 billion tenge).
Put into operation this year:
- Kazzenosphere LLP (microsphere production);
- 1st stage of CDR Group LLP (additives for diesel fuel, heating oil);
- LLP "firm Metallex" (production of varietal casting of metals).
By the end of the year, it is planned to introduce 2 more projects worth 2.2 billion tenge, 56 new jobs. (Severhim LLP, ASCOR SOFTWARE LLP).
82 billion tenge of investments were attracted, of which 20.8 billion tenge. foreign direct investment. 1,700 permanent jobs have been created. The volume of production during the period of operation of the FEZ exceeded 195 billion tenge, more than half of the products produced are exported. More than 12 billion tax deductions have been transferred to the budget.
The funds invested by the state for the construction of the infrastructure of the FEZ have already been returned in the form of payments and deductions from investment projects.